05 ottobre 2012

Si è tenuto a Rimini il quindicesimo IFAC workshop su Control Application of Optimization (CAO)

Si è tenuto presso il Polo di Rimini dell'Università di Bologna lo scorso settembre, dal 13 al 16, il quindicesimo IFAC workshop su Control Application of Optimization (CAO).

Il National Organizing Committee era composto da Luca Lambertini, University of Bologna, Economics and RCEA e Gianluigi Pelloni, University of Bologna, Economics and RCEA.

La presentazione dell'evento in inglese.

CAO’2012 is the serial 15th workshop of the Technical Committee on Optimal Control (TC 2.4). Its goals are to overview the latest advantages in the theory of optimal control, especially, in the field of applications of new methods and numerical algorithms to solving problems in industry, economics, finance and ecology. It will give an opportunity to specialists in optimal control, differential games, and optimization to share their experience with practitioners, discuss new arising problems, outline scientific and commercial applications, and describe new research directions.

One of the aims of the workshop is to bring together researchers and engineers, applied economists and environmental scientists, and to give an up to date view of the major applications of optimization for control purposes and for decision making in economy and industry.

Specific topics will include: optimization methods; optimal control; differential games; evolutionary algorithms; stochastic optimization; numerical methods for optimization; optimization under uncertainties including the theory of noise measurements; multi-objective control and optimization; robust control and stabilization; applications in economics, management and environmental science; generalized solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi equations; control of partial differential equations; real-time control problems; control design for hybrid systems; large scale optimization problems; singularities in optimization.

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